Sweaty's board was started to test the infamous 'EZ Glitch' of 2001 - A technique where an Admin at a board could ban and unban a usernic at their board, even if that poster had never even visited the board, and get their email and IP address. He invited kf59 and MadWomanNYC, Admins at Survivor Sucks, to test the glitch.

Open Scene: Blue skies… innocent children playing… laughter… lemonade… white picket fences.

Two dark figures approach from over a hill. They are wearing masks to conceal their identity.

Dark Figure #1: Your parents talk about you children behind your back!

Dark Figure #2: They say terrible things! You should run away.

Children looked confused, some start to cry. Enter concerned parents who have heard the sobs.


Dark figures scurry away… for now.

Parent #2: We need to find out who those two are. But how???

Parents and children cultivate a thoughtful look.

Parent #3: I know how!

Everyone: How???

Parent #3: There's a GLITCH in the software the runs the cash register at the party store where those masks were undoubtedly bought!

Everyone: Huh???

Parent #3: We can use to find out who bought the masks, and out them!

Everyone: Ohhh!!! Let's do it!

Later the evening….

Parent #1: It's two of our own town members! The ones with barren uteri and asymmetrical faces!

Parent # 2: Allow me to post an Open Letter™ to the entire town, so as to expose their dastardly deeds!

Everyone: OK!

Next morning:

Parent #1: Parent #2, what happened???

Parent #2: I've been banned! Now I have to be Parent #4.

Parent #1: That sucks.

Parent #4: Yes… it does suck. To think that only a day ago, our children were innocents playing in the sunshine of an idyllic world, and now we are banned from our homelands.

Enter Retarded Clown

Retarded Clown: You sick crazy bastards! How dare you drag your shit around in public like this. You're all drillers!!!!

end scene

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