Ez Hack

On May 31, 2005, the software on ezboard was a victim of a precise and malicious Internet attack, causing many boards to lose information, become inaccessible, or be completely wiped out. ezboard stated that all historical post data and a significant amount of backup data was erased. Over the next month, some data that had been lost on ezboard was recovered. ezboard also stated that there was some data from about 4000 non-Gold communities that had been restored. ezboard has never revealed exactly what proportion of data was lost and what was restored. Posts that were unable to be retrieved were replaced with the text of "(This post is missing and can not be restored)".

On August 30, 2007, ezboard, Inc. confirmed that two years after getting the FBI involved, offering a $5000 reward and despite having evidence, "the hacker remained uncaught".

In an attempt to bring a little humor to the incident, a script was placed at Survivor Sucks which showed a message saying that the user ID that was currently logged in was the hacker. This joke, however, had the opposite effect, as many who were unfamiliar with Sucks were panicked by the message, resulting in some going as far as contacting ezboard. ezboard then had the Sucks admins remove the script as they were already overwhelmed from dealing with the attack as it was.

The Sucktard Help Forum Mockalypse

A secondary consequence of the Hack was a Sucktard intervention at the ezboard help forum. Numerous ezboard posters from different boards where outraged at the loss of data and demanded restitution. One poster claimed her lamb died due to neglect, because she was busy trying to restore her board. A representative collection of Sucktards were present for this nonsense and began playfully laying into the crybabies - mocking them and poking fun. A ghostnick appeared named "ezLamb", bleating woefully how ezboard let him die.

The threads where the Sucktards took over and shooed away the whiners is supposedly annexed by the ezBoard staff for laughs. They love us to this day. Oh yes they do!

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