Sucks OT poster.

Also known as Caulieve. Perky to the point of nausea. Hates Ernest Hemingway. Loves bunnies intensely. Poster child for Ritalin.


Ignore all that nonsense above, eury is quite possibly the nicest, coolest poster ever and anyone who posts anything contrary is nothing but a dirty rotten liar… A DIRTY ROTTEN LIAR, I tell you. ~ eury

Point woman for leading Ziji into the trap during Zijihad. Wants to be an Irish pirate. Smells like wet dog. Has exceptionally good taste in novels. Usually staggering drunk. whore (ish).

One of the posters that helped Xabana commit boardicide. According to Dr Weems, killed EZBoard. Will lick the sweat off a yaks balls for a Usingers fix.

Known for Pippy the Spider, a now-defunct ezBoard called Lurv Cruise, always vying for the NEW PAGE, shouting CORPE DIEM at unexpected moments, pioneering the invasion of the Hello Kitty board, and generally being one of the few posters who always makes me laugh and brings me joy.
Oh yea, and getting NonEcdicus globally banned, over and over.

Needs to buy better fitting bras.

Got Scrabulous removed from Facebook by continuing to play the word "fag" after being warned by the creators. [BernardWrangler]

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