Ellipsiiis Brain Trust

aka EBT.

A members-only message board which gained notoriety during the second season of Survivor by correctly predicting every post-merge bootee. Controversially used an inside source to gain this information. The success became publicly reported in The Boston Herald, Washington Post and USA Today.

Engaged in a season-long Board War with Voted Off aka The Gator Board.

After Season 2 of Survivor was over, the EBT created a public forum named Surviiivor.com. It was met with instant controversy.

At the start of Season 3 of Survivor, a splinter group of members formed the Acme Brain Trust or ABT. Virtually all of the members of the former EBT left to join the new ABT.

Although not an EZBoard (the community was hosted on a private server), its ties to the history of Survivor Sucks makes it irrevocably part of Verse.

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