Chiropractor and verse poster. He was post restricted at RS around the same time as the FreeKF59 incident for "mocking downy too much." Later, he was banned for editing posts by the cowardly RS admins. This poster is apparently extremely dangerous, as all ghostnics are banned on sight.

Likes: Making Hobie cranky.
Dislikes: Having to log out because cowardly admins ban him.

Dan says he approves of this entry. ~ Gobby

Not a doctor. Probably not human either.

DrDan is very proud of his splinterverse reputation of being a nice, friendly, caring human being who will go out of his way to say something nice to everyone he posts with, even idiots and nazi admins wherever they exist.

DrDan did not get a medical degree at Johns Hopkins. While not there, he did not graduate at the top of his class, nor did he have a prestigious residency at the Johns Hopkins Medical Center.

When not not treating patients, DrDan enjoys mental midget tossing, pulling train, and playing cards with people not dealing with a full deck.

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