Also known as Downstare. Sometimes written downy, downsyndrome or downstare. She prefers the small d. One of the original characternics— around EZBoard since 2001.

A poster to whom all imaginable tragedies have allegedly occurred. Persecuted by some, adored/encouraged by the easily duped. Posts frequently about life's travails and triumphs, especially of her children whom she calls 'beanz'. Certifiable ditz? You decide.

Often starts thread asking for advice regarding simple life tasks, prescription pharmaceutical use/misuse, proper social behavior/mores, etc. Whatever illness or allergy you may have, she will have it within a week. Seen by some as in need of constant attention or validation. Others see her posting style/modus operandi as entertaining and conversation-inspiring.

UPDATE! Has now proclaimed that all her teeth had to be pulled due to an infection that may result in breast cancer. Medical science is baffled.

(Known) Ghostnics

michealrules (global account)

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