aka Cygnus-Of-The-Study, Cygnus6, AConcernedCitizen, Bacchus6, a host of "truthseekerXXXX" and many other ghostnics. (Note that not all truthseekers were Cygnus!)

Original owner/operator of Survivor Addicts website. Frequently banned at Survivor Sucks for spamming, Cygnus repeatedly claimed a conspiratorial link between Survivor Sucks and the Ellipsiiis Brain Trust.

Notable Cygnus Phrases/Tools

"Tick Tock" — Cygnus would offer deadlines to meet his demands, and then say "Tick Tock" to emphasize that he meant business.

"Madwoman The Liar" — This is an example of a variant that he would post — he accused people of being Liars, Cheaters, etc etc. and would then address them as such.


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