cg corresponds to the initials of his name, and 41386 corresponds to his date of birth.

He lives in New Jersey, and is disabled, due to a condition called spina bifida, which he has had since birth. However, he is a very capable swimmer, and has participated and even won in national and international competitions.

He is a broadcast journalism major, and aspires to become the next Ann Curry.

One of his favorite Survivor castaways is Ian Rosenberger of Survivor: Palau, and for some time argued with everyone who said he quit, claiming otherwise, although in reality he definitely did. As of late however, he has accepted the fact that his hero did indeed quit.

He adores Lisa from Big Brother 3, and wants to have her babies.

He remembers a lot of useless and random facts about different posters in the splinterverse, which leads one to believe that he either has a very retentive memory, or has a very thick CSN. Either way, it can be creepy at times.

Whenever someone duplicates oneself in ezboard chat, he feels the need to refresh because of OCD.

He loves to :driv, and occasionally :wheelsaroundnaked. He loves raccoons too!

He is obsessed with COUGARISH women.

Wears sweatpants sometimes.

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