Cbt Cbv

CBT: Purported to mean "Conspiracy Bust Thread". Created Spring 2001 by Jitensha on the Survivor Spoilers Forum. Goal was to have a common thread to debunk all the crazy-ass fake spoilers that were proliferating throughout the Sucks boards. These included the famous Uncle Camerman and others. When the CBT was busted themselves, they had nothing else to do, so the thread soon turned into some sort of cyber-drinking/flirting thread/Jimmy Buffett fantardia.

CBV: Purported to mean… we don't know. SweatyButcher1 suggested it meant "Constricting Ball Virus" but I don't think they ever settled on a title. At the time, all other non-spoiler related threads were being dumped/deleted/moved/locked etc, and to some the whole idea of the CBT thread being under the protection of the board admins really yanked our cranks. So, early one morning the nic Poignant Discussion started a competing thread - CBV. At the time, Poignant Discussion was a group-run character nic, so no one knew who really started it, but the thread immediately started by mocking both the posting style in the evolved CBT as well as the posters. Rather than providing margaritas, tea and scones were a staple.

A backlash from the CBT veterans ensued as they requested - no - DEMANDED that the CBV thread be locked and moved. Let's face it, they really got their panties in a wad over this one. They even went so far as to set up a Yahoo discussion group, but it wasn't the same ambiance as Sucks and, besides, CBV members followed them there to pull their pigtails anyhow. The first poster to truly defect from CBT and start hanging out in both threads was the fence-mender herself, Thursdayfix. Several other posters followed her, and many began to find the CBV more entertaining than the CBT. She took a lot of heat for this one, but in the end, the show was over and the two threads co-existed in peace. Both threads now reside on Monster Island and are referenced in the Spoiler Board Codex.

Began the Sweaty Butcher1 vs. Jitensha rivalry that continues on to this day.

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