catspasms is an annoying kiddiot who posts actively at Survivor Sucks. He has been posting there since February 2002 (when he was 13 years old) and has yet to find anything better to do with his life. He has staged multiple very public boardacides over the years. Unfortunately, all of them failed, so he continues to post there.

He is best known for starting many brainfarts in Off Topic(OT) and other forums, along with many other posts that are not worth reading. Constantly seeking attention, he is best to be ignored or perhaps even blocked so you won't have to worry about seeing him. He says that he thinks he might be aseksual, but pretty much everyone else is certain he's gay.

In 2003 and 2004, he primarily posted about politics, including numerous threads objecting to the Iraq War. However, when posters pointed out he was too young to even remember the First Gulf War, he shutup about the subject for a little while. This interest in politics, though, caused him to post at other splinterboards Heads or Tails and A Lively Experiment for quite some time, but he no longer does much.

In early 2008, after completely pwning a Big Brother cjat game at mafia, posters coined the phrase "AINT NO PARTY LIKE A CATSPASMS PARTY CAUSE A CATSPASMS PARTY DONT STOP." This spawned a thread in OT and much celebration. The party still continues to this day.

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