Burn Baby Burn

aka BuBaBu

Iconic thread from the Sucks forum of Survivor Sucks. Started by one time poster (suspected to be a ghostnic) janedoe101.

tonight's survivor was the best. that's what michael gets for viciously slaughtering that pig. michael is one sick guy….i hope his little fall into the fire hurt like hell. hahahaha! burn you sick bastard!!

"Burn baby burn" was the name of the first "monster" thread, and one of the first notable threads which cemented the Sucks board's reputation as mercilessly hostile toward reality television. It was begun after the second-season episode in which contestant Michael Skupin fell into the campfire. The poster expressed joy at the injury, believing it karma as a result of Skupin's having killed a wild pig in a previous episode.

Reaction to the post was mixed and contentious, and a furious debate began over where Sucks' line of decency should be drawn. However, the thread quickly devolved into flamewars and various picture posting.

The thread, which now resides in Monster Island, was the original meeting place for many posters who eventually became residents of Reality Sucks.

Burn Baby Burn

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