Blockhose, blockheadjr, hosemedown, hoseyerdaddy, hose, blocky, blockhead. Agent provacature is what he is. Just when everything is going along quiet and easy (read boring) hose will post one of his pointed question threads.

Former owner/operator of EZBoard's Hell Hole, a quaint little joint that was home to numerous 'hot seat' inquisitions/rag sessions. The Hell Hole burned down one day, out of hose's pique at Vanillaslave and the latter's insistence of running about EZland with her skirt above her head (certainly not the first time), due to the in-board placement of a rather innocuous photo, featuring the purported "décolletage" (ummm.. if you call it that) of the headcase known as 'nilla. Sad banana.

Creator of the green pincher.

The gayest gay to ever gay!

Pathological right-clicker. His CSN is like the Louvre of Yuku (noted for breadth of content, and historical significance). Trust me ladies, if you've flashed your rack on the boards, hose has a copy.

If only it were true… ~ hose

Likes discussing philosophy when not working in his garden or fucking snowmen.

Famous for having numerous growths removed, both figuratively and literally.

Is a good conversationalist. Seattle tour guide extraordinaire.

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