Baby Ducks Are Evil


Baby Ducks Are Evil


Original EZOP: Arthur Vandelay
Current Owner: Wild Jazie

Original Ownership

Many long time posters frequented the board under Arties loose adminship. These included Verminous Countenance, TAPOTT, YurassRedux, buyonegetonefree, tadpolelives, michiganjfrog, incrediblegobstopper to name just a few of the active members. The board was mainly flirting, poster game threads and Art raving about something or other. Little to no drama was to be had. Site of elryano's spoofs style contest many years ago.

Under New Ownership

Baby Ducks Are Evil changed drastically under the new EzOp Wild Jazie. Malnathor served as co-admin. Several photochoppers from Survivor Sucks (namely Dialed In, IMissColleen, Doctor Eggs, and Unpretentious Username) joined up and many amusing photochop threads were born. There was a lot of sexual content in the postings at this point in the Baby Ducks Are Evil history.

Still alot of sexual content at baby Ducks, and lots of flirting.

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