Assassin, EZ Style…
(09/04/03 12:04 PM)

The other day, while watching an episode of Felicity, they were playing a game of Assassin at the fictitious UNY college. Everyone got a name in an envelope and a suction-cup dart gun. The instructions were to 'kill' the target in the envelope, at which time the deceased had to surrender the name of their intended victim, who became the assassin's next job. Last man, or woman in the case of Elena, standing was the wiener.

We get enough people to sign up and then PM targets. This board is a safe zone, but anywhere else you must post 'Bang' (Or whatever Scarface or Tony Soprano would say during a hit) after your target. They then have to PM you their contract.

The 'Bang' post must immediately follow (Should there be a time linit?). No dumpster diving - The post must be current. No abusing of admin powers.

I'm making this up as I go along, so any suggestions are welcome.

After a codification of the rules according to some very complex and annoying input from players, an initial game was played to modest success. In November, we played Assassins 2.0 across the 'verse with teams:

Assassins 2.0:

I must've got confoozled, but here are the teams. I hope I got everyone who wanted to play. Slime promised a team, but is too busy (Or chicken!). I also left out Big Foley 'cause I don't know them, I wanted even teams of three and I'm an asshole. Or buttfunnel.

Anyhow, the @#%$ is you don't get to play with the people you wanted to. The good news is the winning team gets to kill their own teammates if any are left at the end for the 'championship'!










I don't know what constitutes an approved board. Besides, I don't want to piss off more EZOps than I have to. You know the active ones and where each other lives. If not, I'm selling CSNs on eBay. Dutch auction. Nevermind.

Each team member must post a minimum of 3 times per day with their given nic at some Splinterverse board or other. If someone doesn't post for a weekend or something, their teammates must make up the slack.

Post after you see a victim post. You have a 6 hour window to post immediately after them. You don't have to post 'Bang' or nothing. Just politely inform them that their brains have been splattered.

Each team hunts the team below them on the list, so Gobby, Neener and Tad are after ImALittleDespot, Omni and UberClay. The last team obviously tries to kill the first. I could've made it a mystery, but this is just another @#%$ dammit.

Ok, so I'm lazy!

Taunt each other, send insulting PMs, but most of all entertain me. At least one team member MUST check into the 'Assassins 2.0 Safe Thread' once a day. You can't be banged there by anyone but me.

Any team that does NOT check in will be considered dead to me and will have to go back to their sad existance, working for The Man. The team hunting them can then start banging the next team on the list.

In case there's bitching about so and so not posting where we can see you (I'm looking at YOU, Feinstone), I'll ask you to keep track of where you're posting and leave me the hell out of your arguments. Hash it out in the 'Safe Thread' and feel the cold satisfaction of twisting the knife as your nemesis's life ebbs in your hards…

Start NOW and happy hunting!

The finale was replete with cries of cheating, abuse of power and all the other shit that makes life unfair for the little man, er, loser ( I believe CrayZ and Kurtis Blow were locked in battle when UNGH stepped in and shot someone in the back or something… ). So the game was scrapped, but it did have the residual effect of pissing off 'Nilla as players posted 'Bang' all over the 'verse, so it has that going for it… which is nice.

BANG! What did I win?

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