aka StarringAmy

OT and Mafia Goddess renowned the world over for loving gothic metal and hating abortion and God. Don't call her anorexic, she just likes getting weight-loss advice from people with eating disorders because they have the best tips. In any case she's nearly 100 lbs so clearly her BMI is off the charts

She is of pure basque blood.

Long-time love of cg41386 but has occasional dalliances with noted lothario louie77 because she cannot tell them apart.

Lacuna Coil—The Prophet Said (4:32)

Light of my sun, light in this temple
Light in my truth, lies in the darkness
Teasing pureness of your lies, soreness of a delightful mission
Burning up inside your mind, you beling to my possessions
Can't you see that I'm here inside you?
Light - Massive pain—Glide - Passive tension
Light - Show me how to slide in this pleasure

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