Manda "Amanda" HONGRY is Louie77's truest and longest lasting e-love of all time. Also the fattest. And the youngest, 17 at the time of their engagement.

After a long engagement that featured Louie moving to Maryland, finding employment, having anal sex with her using vaseline as lubricant, and killing ducks, Amanda moved on to bigger, better, and blacker things, leaving Louie broken hearted. She also kept a $600 dog he bought her and $2000 he loaned her family. He has seldom heard from her since, learning only that she still hates him and has no interest in seeing him ever again. He still pines for her.

Most recently, she was the topic of what is undoubtedly louie77's greatest April Fool's Day Pregnancy thread.


Louie77 destroys Manda HONGRY's collection of ducklings with a boulder.

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