Notorious board slut Ajenda burst onto the scene by posting a bunch of pictures of herself in comical (and often demeaning) poses. Looking back, it is merely a blip on the radar when compared to her later actions, but it was certainly a signal of things to come. After being invited to the Mafia board, she made that her main place of residence and soon began whoring things up there. Her first and perhaps strongest e-suitor was Louie77. After nearly a year of back and forth between the two, Louie77 learned that she was merely a tease and moved onto bigger and better things (mostly bigger, though,) in the form of his Manda.

Left with no truly desperate male to prey on, Ajenda began a wider range of sluttiness, throwing herself at midcarders and hideous beasts alike. While this strategy consistently placed her in the top-5 of internet games, it could not quench her insatiable cocklust. Eventually, Ajenda found herself a more satisfying target in the form of Muffdiver2, who was recovering from a rough breakup. After meeting for the first time, they immediately had sex. Afterwards, they went to mafia chat (this is actually true). Their relationship continued like this for some time, with Ajenda wanting to have sex with Muffdiver2 at every opportunity and Muffdiver2 wanting to go on the internet. One day, however, this storybook romance was disrupted when Ajenda went missing. Assuming that she had been kidnapped and concerned for her well being, Muffdiver2 called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to aid her. As it turns out, Ajenda had been enraged by their relationship and returned to the ex-boyfriend she had often complained about and whose internet tracing abilities led to her calling for the entire board to be deleted. They played a game of scrabble together upon reuniting. This event was later famously depicted in an MSPaint image by Naj. The two went through a rough split, with Muffdiver2 accusing Ajenda of being anorexic and giving lousy road head while Ajenda claimed that Muffdiver2 reeked of Pepsi.

During this time, X Bilkis revealed that Ajenda had sent him nude pictures of herself, no doubt in a moment of complete and utter desperation. Being the outstanding gentleman that he is, Bilkis shared these images with the entire Mafia board when Muffdiver2 informed him that she had been kidnapped and was presumed dead. These pictures, along to a severe decline in the quality of her chatting abilities and an apparent eating disorder, lead to a fall from grace for Ajenda. Even her former admirer Louie77 looked down upon her poor typing and her now sub-90 pound weight. Still, though, Ajenda persevered, claiming that she merely "had a bug" and that she was always drunk while entering chat. Despite her best efforts, her decline was cemented by what is perhaps the creepiest video in the history of the internet, a minute-long silent shot of her in a bathing suit. Ajenda began to appear in chat less and less frequently, and the move to Yuku made her appearances rarer than ever. She once showed up again, posting multiple times with multiple different avatars, asking where everyone was, and assuming that the board had collapsed since nobody posted from 12 pm to 3 pm. She has not been seen since.

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