aka hamdingers

Most famous EZBoard poster/spammer before the calendar year 2006

Spends the whole summer chillin' at a lake.

Tagline: "This thread is about me"

Once switched nics with poster Vince Delgato, only to change Vince's password and effectively steal the nic — or was it the other way around?

He founded the splinterboard 2manchewsmexicanjail. "The Jail" became home to the infamous uberchews (who took their name in part from his nic). Board was founded, after Sucks Admins banned the King of spam.

With uberJuked, created the the uberChews. Praise be the King of the Chews.

In 2000, 2manchew boardicided and held some silly contest to give away The Jail. TC won the contest. Later — he came back to the boards and she refused to give it back to him and/or let him in. Hilarity ensued.

Originator of Mastercrap Theater.

Voted by Sucks posters as the most famous poster ever. It was a slow week.

Most Monster Island Threads. Quantity will always beat quality.

First Thread over 10,000 posts, and as a result the admins put in another 2manchew rule, to stop threads that would implode.

Created mayhem in Sucks, by calling out Dianne Ogden, and drawing Dianne out to defend herself.

John Carroll was a brief member of the chews, and Dlynche took offense.

Feared and banned by the Hobietopians' (tubopians to Chews), yet was considered their greatest poster. They dedicated an entire weekend poster meet to 2manchew, and tried to lure the great 2manchew to their poster meet with an opportunity to punch Tubberjager in the head for free! As fun as that seemed to spend time with the Tubopians, 2manchew chose bikini clad girls instead. It should be noted that 2manchew did offer Tubberjager an opportunity to travel one hour north of the poster meet, AND tubberjager did travel one hour north that same weekend, but he said it was his location or nothing. Since it was well known that 2manchew did spend weekends at the lake, it appears tubberjager was either gay or a chicken. tubberjager, the gay chicken.

Spelled common words wrong just to hear TobaccoRhoda's teeth grind.

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